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Most Wanted Online has 4 official servers hosted by its developers and available in the server list from the moment you install MWO. This article strives to tell you more about those servers and what their differences are.

MWO Career

You have to earn the dollar, just like in real life. MWO Career's appeal is its realistic approach to the game economy and progression. Unlike all other servers, you don't get to drive a hypercar straight away: you have to work.

MWO Career gameplay, showcasing the Blacklist menu.


  • You have to race and earn cash like in singleplayer to get cars and upgrades.
  • Move up in the Blacklist by winning races to unlock new cars and districts.
  • Progress is saved on the server, making save files redundant.
  • Cops: ON
  • Traffic: ON
  • Freeroam Collisions: ON
  • Race Collisions: ON

MWO Racing

A server for real extroverts. It doesn't attempt to push realism upon you. Here, people use 100% saves to make themselves the best car of their dreams, and show no shame.

MWO Racing gameplay, showcasing various freeroam activities happening there.


  • The most active server: most people play on Racing, so expect a good amount of talking in the chat.
  • Here you race, upgrade and race. You get 10mil saves from the MWO save pack, and you can race, drift or have an evening cruise.
  • Cops: OFF
  • Traffic: OFF
  • Freeroam Collisions: ON
  • Race Collisions: OFF


The fine line between freedom and anarchy. AR-1 is hell, simple as that. Red skies, flying traffic, weird cops and more. Banned cars, cheats and mods can be used here.

AR-1 gameplay, driving a tank in Most Wanted. We're not kidding.


  • Mods, cheats and hacks are allowed and encouraged. Hell is supposed to be a place for sin and sinners.
  • People banned on all other servers can still play on AR-1. Whether that's a punishment or a blessing is still up for debate.
  • The administration reserves the right to add whatever mods we want here, no matter what they break.
  • Cops: ON and INVINCIBLE
  • Traffic: ON and HEAVEN-BOUND
  • Freeroam Collisions: ON
  • Race Collisions: ON
  • Did I forget to say you can't reset your car?

Rockport RP

Join the RPD and arrest your friend. Rockport RP allows you to play as a cop and as a racer, with exclusive features.


  • COPS VS RACERS GAMEMODE: chase down racers all across Rockport and become the best cop in town!
  • CUSTOM WORLD MODELS: drop SPIKESTRIPS, BOMBS and MORE using chat commands!
  • RANDOM VEHICLE SPAWNS: you get a random car and spawn in a random place to make the game less boring!
  • PLAYER STATS: use the /stats command to see how many people you busted, how many times you connected and much more!

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